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Sub-Zero Coffee is a monthly reserve coffee pop up. As the name would suggest, all of our coffee has been vacuum sealed and then frozen.




Amazing coffee is what drives us. We buy, freeze and brew only amazing coffee.


During our own careers in coffee, we have always wanted to go to a café and be blown away by whatever reserve single origin coffee they may have on the menu. Only, those coffees aren’t always available, or cafes fear not being able to sell reserve coffees so don’t stock them.


At Sub-Zero we only sell those special coffees.


Freezing coffee slows the degassing process allowing us to preserve coffee for long periods of time. This has enabled us to build a coffee menu akin to a wine list both in size and variety.


We want to see coffee celebrated in the same way food and wine is. To do that we believe we need to serve coffee from a menu like ours. If you make it to one of our pop ups, you will notice that we source coffee from most coffee growing nations, but also from coffee roasters across the globe. By doing this we make accessible coffee and flavours that have never been served in Australia.


Instagram: @subzerocoffee

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